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Symposium - The Ethical Limits of Markets

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Fall 2014 Symposium

GISME’s fall 2014 symposium explored "The Ethical Limits of Markets." The symposium was held on November 21 in Lorhfink Auditorium at the McDonough School of Business on Georgetown University's main campus. The essayist were

The essayist were:

Professor Mark Pennington, Political Economy, King's College, London
Professors Jason Brennan/Peter Jaworski, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown Univ.
Professor Kimberly Krawiec, Duke University School of Law
Professor Kendy Hess, Philosophy, Holy Cross
Professor Richard K. Greenstein, Temple University Law School
Professor Loren Lomasky, Philosophy, University of Virginia
Professor Amy Sepinwall, Wharton, University of Pennsylvanian
Professor Ellen Kennedy, Political Theory, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Matt Zwolinski, Philosophy, University of San Diego
Professor Christopher Freiman, Philosophy, The College of William and Mary
Professor Steven Wall, Philosophy, University of Arizona
Professor Michael Kates,  McDonough School of Business, Georgetown Univ.

See the published papers here.

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Friday, November 21, 2014 - 3:00pm
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