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Symposium - Ethics of Nudging

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GISME’s fall 2015 symposium explored “The Ethics of Nudging: Evaluating Libertarian Paternalism.” The symposium was held November 20, 2015  in 370 Rafik B. Hariri, the McDonough School of Business on Georgetown University’s main campus.

The essayists were:

Doug Husak, Philosophy, Rutgers University
Heidi Hurd, Law and Philosophy, University of Illinois
Judith Lichtenberg, Philosophy, Georgetown University
Sarah Conly, Philosophy, Bowdoin College
Paul Gowder, Law, University of Iowa
Mario Rizzo, Economics, New York University
Jamie Terence Kelly, Philosophy, Vassar College
Kevin Vallier, Philosophy, Bowling Green State University
William English, Political Science, Harvard
Nicolas Cornell, Legal Studies, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Victor Kumar, Philosophy, University of Toronto
Todd Zywicki, Law, George Mason University

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Monday, November 30, 2015 - 3:30pm
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