Faculty Workshop Series

GISME sponsors a bi-weekly ethics workshop at which GISME faculty and invited faculty from other universities present works-in-progress for comment and constructive criticism. Drafts are read in advance so that the workshop can be spent in discussion with the goal of sharpening the author’s arguments. This year's schedule is as follows:

September 13, 2019:          Luke Semrau: "Mapping the Market's Moral Limits"
September 27, 2019:          Sahar Akhtar:  "Right to Exclude: Do States have the 'Right to do Wrong.?" 
October 4, 2019:                Michael Kates: "The Repugnant Conclusion for Sweatshops"
November 1, 2019:            John Hasnas: "Ten Questions about Democracy" 
November 15, 2019:          Ben Bryan: "The Future of the Sharing Economy and the Value of Ownership"
December 6, 2019:            Ben Bronner:  "The Modal Fog of War"
January 24, 2020:              Santiago Mejia,  "Duties of Beneficence within Shareholder Primacy"
February 7, 2020:              Tae Wan Kim:  "Are Data Subjects Investors?"
February 21, 2020:            Julian Muller: "The Logic of Populism"
March 6, 2020:                  Sahar Akthar: "Benign Apartheid and the Boundaries of Equality"