John Hasnas

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John Hasnas is the executive director of the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics, professor of business at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, and professor of law (by courtesy) at Georgetown University Law Center, where he teaches courses in ethics and law. Hasnas has held previous appointments as associate professor of law at George Mason University School of Law, visiting associate professor of law at Duke University School of Law and the Washington College of Law at American University, and Law and Humanities Fellow at Temple University School of Law. Also, he has been a visiting scholar at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics in Washington, D.C. and at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center in Bowling Green, Ohio. He received his B.A. in philosophy from Lafayette College, his J.D. and Ph.D. in legal philosophy from Duke University, and his LL.M. in legal education from Temple Law School. His scholarship concerns ethics, criminal law, and jurisprudence. 

With GISME, John  manages the annual ethics symposium and the occasional law symposia. He is also a lecturer for GISME's annual Workshop on Teaching Professional Business Ethics .

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