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The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics supports research exploring ethical issues related to market activity. GISME research activities include:

1) Symposia that explore specific topics in depth,

2) A faculty research workshop in which scholars from around the country present their latest research,

3) An executive speaker series in which CEO’s and high level executives present their views on the ethical issues that face business people in the contemporary marketplace, and

4) A current research workshop in which drafts of new works concerning the ethics of markets are closely examined by invited scholars.


Some Recent Publications by GISME Faculty


John Hasnas, "Does Corporate Moral Agency Entail Corporate Freedom of Speech?" 43 Social Theory and Practice 589 (2017), DOI: 10.5840/soctheorpract20178315

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John Hasnas, "Should Corporations Have the Right to Vote? A Paradox in the Theory of Corporate Moral Agency," is forthcoming in the Journal of Business Ethics this April.

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