Annual Ethics Symposium

Each November, GISME sponsors a symposium on a selected topic related to the ethics of the market society to stimulate thinking and generate new ideas.

Law Symposia

GISME invites 12 top legal scholars with diverse perspectives to write articles on the topic, which the institute publishes in high-quality academic journals.

Annual Workshop on Teaching Ethics

This workshop shows how to use interactive exercises, role-playing scenarios, and group projects to make applied ethics meaningful, memorable, and fun.

The Ethics Project

GISME provides financial support and supervision for Georgetown professors and students to engage in the Ethics Project, a semester-long group project.

The Business Project

One of many pedagogical innovations developed by GISME, students work in groups over a semester creating a fictitious business.

Faculty Ethics Workshop

This biweekly ethics workshop features presentations on works-in-progress by GISME faculty and invited faculty for comment and construct criticism.