Peter Jaworski

Associate Teaching Professor

Peter Martin Jaworski is an associate teaching professor teaching business ethics at the Georgetown McDonough School of Business. He is a senior fellow with the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and a director of the Institute for Liberal Studies. Also, he has been a visiting research professor at Brown University. Jaworksi’s academic work has been published or is forthcoming in several journals including Ethics, The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, The Journal of Business Ethics, and Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. Along with Jason Brennan, Jaworski is the author of Markets without Limits: Moral Virtues and Commercial Interests published in 2015. Prior to joining the faculty at Georgetown McDonough, Jaworksi was a visitor in the philosophy department at the College of Wooster, and was an instructor in philosophy at Bowling Green State University.

Peter designed the The Business Project, one of many pedagogical innovations developed by GISME faculty. In addition to regular course work, students work in groups over the course of the semester creating a fictitious business. At various points in the semester, students must 1) present a business plan, 2) issue a company ethics statement, 3) research applicable regulations, 4) present an advertising campaign, 5) devise an employee compensation package, and 6) resolve a custom-made ethical dilemma prepared for the company by the professor. The ongoing business project allows the students to apply the ethical concepts they are learning in the course to a “business” in real time as they learn them. The students are simultaneously learning ethical principles and creating a context in which they may be applied. Further, although the company is fictitious, over the course of the semester the students become invested in their creation and want to see it succeed.

Peter has been responsible for collaborate efforts between GISME and the entrepreneurship faculty at the McDonough School of Business. He is also a lecturer at GISME’s annual Workshop on Teaching Professional Business Ethics.

Work History

Associate Teaching Professor, Strategy, Economics, Ethics & Public Policy
Georgetown University
2019 – Present
Assistant Teaching Professor, Strategy, Economics, Ethics & Public Policy
Georgetown University
2014 – 2019
Visiting Research Professor, Political Theory Project
Brown University
2014 – 2014
Visiting Assistant Professor
Georgetown University
2013 – 2014
Visiting Instructor, Strategy, Economics, Ethics & Public Policy
Georgetown University
2012 – 2013
Instructor of Philosophy
Bowling Green State University
2010 – 2012
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
College of Wooster
2008 – 2009

Alma Mater

Bowling Green University
Ph.D., Philosophy
London School of Economics
M.Sc., Philosophy & Public Policy
University of Waterloo
M.A., Philosophy
Queen's University
B.A.(H.), Philosophy